Peterson Altimo is living every budding musician’s dream. What makes him stand out? His exceptional artistry. Raised in Ottawa, Peterson always knew he wanted to branch out and grow as an artist. While his earliest experiences were at the church, he has never held back from venturing into new territories, new crowds and new styles. 

Having found his roots in kompa (Haitian music) and gospel music at an early age, he became determined and passionate about developing his musical talent. Within a few years of focused practice, he has managed to impress major artists with his skills on the bass, piano, percussion, guitar and upright bass. 

Known amongst international artists as a versatile musician who is always ready and willing to experiment with new sounds, he has been seeked-out for his talent on numerous occasions. He has played funk, reggae, afrobeat, jazz, Caribbean music, rock, world music and much more.


Filling-in as the bass player of the famous Haitian band Zenglen; taking on the role of Musical Director for Burundi artist Meddy’s Canadian tour and Marvin from France; getting endorsed by Aguilar in New York, and playing bass for Wesli since 2016 are amongst many of Peterson Altimo’s notable accomplishments.

His musical influences include Adam Blackstone, Marcus Millers and Richard Bona, but while he is learning and inspired by the greats, he stays humble and concentrated in order to conjure musical pieces that allow him and his listeners to enter a state of positive self-discovery.  


With over 300 recordings, and years of experience playing for large crowds in North-America, South-America, Europe, Asia and Africa, Peterson Altimo doesn’t believe in limitations. He hopes to travel 30% to 40% of the world to display his music, and to release an album that represents his versatility. Connecting the dots between his experiences, his identity and his passions has become second nature, and with multiple tours scheduled for the year of 2019, he’s already bound for greatness. 

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Photography By:

Frantz-Lee Leornard


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